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This is blog content, originally scraped from a version of WordPress that was written when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. (Well, dinosaurs still roam the Earth -- and WordPress is still terrible.) While writing my own system may not be the way I want to go long term, having the content maintained in easy file formats in GitHub is a way of avoiding any turnkey systems written in some Fractal of Bad Design.


The website is built using a custom Rebol-based web framework called DRAEM, similar to static website builders like Jekyll. It supports the easy entry of dialogue, exposition, notes, and pictures. See the Draem project documentation for that information.


I have licensed the article content on Hostile Fork as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

(Note: If you plan to use any material from this site on your own--such as quoting or copying an article in its entirety--please do me a favor and write me an email or a comment here to tell me what you are doing.)

If you want to know what the license terms are in legalese, click through to the Creative Commons site above. The way I'll summarize my wishes is:

  • You cannot make a single red cent off of derivatives of my work. No commercial purposes!! That means if your site contains ads, or obviously designed to steal content to manipulate search engines for commercial purposes... forget it!

  • Assuming your motives are noncommercial, then you can make copies of my articles and put them on your site, or take parts and make new articles out of them with more information—BUT you must give attribution. Not in the fine print, but rather as a prominent link to the article's archival link EMBEDDED BEFORE the material you've used.

  • If you derive from this work, then you must pass on the the terms of this license to those who wish to use any part you've added. You might recognize this as being kind of like the viral nature of the GPL; once you've used part of my work then this license has to apply to what you've made too.

I do not particularly encourage people to copy my material onto other sites if they don't have a good reason. I merely know that unreasonable people will ignore licensing altogether, like Scraper Sites. I wish to express openness toward decent people who have interesting ideas for what to do with the content.