Making non-overlapping numeric bands in jQuery (experimental)
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This project is a small experiment written in 2010 in order to try and answer a question on the UX StackExchange, by offering a "live-on-the-web" prototype of the suggestion I was making.

The goal was to provide a user interface for specifying how non-overlapping ranges of numbers could be mapped to a value in that range. Key to my proposal was breaking up the input of the split points from buttons on the ranges.

For more information and a video walking through a demonstration, please see:


jquery-numband is released under an MIT license.

Plugin Status

Though this demo uses jQuery, it is not a jQuery plugin. It could be morphed into one with some work and following these guidelines:

However, it's probably more desirable to re-do the interface building upon some already existing list-like widgets for the intervals and for the history. This was just to get the idea across, and by not having any dependencies besides jQuery make it more likely that someone else could re-use bits of the logic.

For some actual jQuery plugins from this author, see: