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   LS 'path /l /f /d /r /i indent


Print contents of a directory (ls).

LS is a function value.


  • path -- Accepts %file, :variables, and just words (as dirs) (file! word! path! string! unset!)


  • /l -- Line of info format
  • /f -- Files only
  • /d -- Dirs only
  • /r -- Recursive
  • /i
    • indent


ls: make function! [  [
    "Print contents of a directory (ls)."
    'path [file! word! path! string! unset!] {Accepts %file, :variables, and just words (as dirs)}
    /l "Line of info format"
    /f "Files only"
    /d "Dirs only"
    /r "Recursive"
    /i indent
    /local files save-dir info
    save-dir: what-dir
    switch type?/word :path [
        unset! []
        file! [change-dir path]
        string! [change-dir to-rebol-file path]
        word! path! [change-dir to-file path]
    if r [l: true]
    unless l [l: make string! 62]
    unless indent [indent: ""]
    files: attempt [read %./]
    if not files [print ["Not found:" :path] change-dir save-dir exit]
    foreach file files [
        if any [
            all [f dir? file]
            all [d not dir? file]
        ] [continue]
        either string? l [
            append l file
            append/dup l #" " 15 - remainder length? l 15
            if greater? length? l 60 [print l clear l]
        ] [
            info: get query file
            change info second split-path info/1
            printf [indent 16 -8 #" " 24 #" " 6] info
            if all [r dir? file] [
                list-dir/l/r/i :file join indent "    "
    if all [string? l not empty? l] [print l]
    change-dir save-dir
] ]
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