Make dir

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   MAKE-DIR path /deep


Creates the specified directory. No error if already exists.

MAKE-DIR is a function value.


  • path (file! url!)


  • /deep -- Create subdirectories too


make-dir: make function! [  [
    {Creates the specified directory. No error if already exists.}
    path [file! url!]
    /deep "Create subdirectories too"
    /local dirs end created
    if empty? path [return path]
    if slash <> last path [path: dirize path]
    if exists? path [
        if dir? path [return path]
        cause-error 'access 'cannot-open path
    if any [not deep url? path] [
        create path
        return path
    path: copy path
    dirs: copy []
    while [
        all [
            not empty? path
            not exists? path
            remove back tail path
    ] [
        end: any [find/last/tail path slash path]
        insert dirs copy end
        clear end
    created: copy []
    foreach dir dirs [
        path: either empty? path [dir] [path/:dir]
        append path slash
        if error? try [make-dir path] [
            foreach dir created [attempt [delete dir] ]
            cause-error 'access 'cannot-open path
        insert created path
] ]