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SYSTEM is an object of value:

   product         word!     core 
   version         tuple! 
   build           date!     18-Dec-2012/14:47:36 
   platform        block!    length: 2 
   license         string!   {Copyright 2012 REBOL Technologies REBOL is a... 
   catalog         object!   [datatypes actions natives errors reflectors ... 
   contexts        object!   [root sys lib user] 
   state           object!   [note policies last-error] 
   modules         block!    length: 0 
   codecs          object!   [text markup bmp gif png jpeg] 
   dialects        object!   [secure draw effect text rebcode] 
   schemes         object!   [system console callback file dir event dns t... 
   ports           object!   [wait-list input output echo system callback] 
   locale          object!   [language language* locale locale* months day... 
   options         object!   [boot home path flags script args do-arg impo... 
   script          object!   [title header parent path args] 
   standard        object!   [error script header scheme port port-spec-he... 
   view            object!   [screen-gob handler event-port metrics event-... 
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