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#DESCRIPTION: Prints command-line arguments.

USAGE is a function value.

#SOURCE usage: make function! [[ "Prints command-line arguments." ][ print trim/auto { ^-Command line usage:

^-^-REBOL |options| |script| |arguments|

^-Standard options:

^-^---args data      Explicit arguments to script (quoted)
^-^---do expr        Evaluate expression (quoted)
^-^---help (-?)      Display this usage information
^-^---script file    Explicit script filename
^-^---version tuple  Script must be this version or greater

^-Special options:

^-^---boot level     Valid levels: base sys mods
^-^---debug flags    For user scripts (system/options/debug)
^-^---halt (-h)      Leave console open when script is done
^-^---import file    Import a module prior to script
^-^---quiet (-q)     No startup banners or information
^-^---secure policy  Can be: none allow ask throw quit
^-^---trace (-t)     Enable trace mode during boot
^-^---verbose        Show detailed startup information

^-Other quick options:

^-^--s               No security
^-^-+s               Full security
^-^--v               Display version only (then quit)


^-^-REBOL script.r
^-^-REBOL -s script.r
^-^-REBOL script.r 10:30
^-^-REBOL --do "watch: on" script.r
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