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// std::auto_ptr upcast study
// EXPECT: Upcasting to follow same implicit semantics as pointers
// RESULT: Static cast required for initializations and function arguments
// COMPILER: g++ (Ubuntu 4.3.3-5ubuntu4) 4.3.3
#include <memory>
class Base {
void BaseFunction(std::auto_ptr<Base> bptr) {}
virtual ~Base() {}
class Derived : public Base {
int val;
Derived(int valInit) : val (valInit) { }
void SomeMethod() {
// Construction from derived std::auto_ptr works...
std::auto_ptr<Derived> dptr1 (new Derived(1));
std::auto_ptr<Base> bptrConstructed (dptr1);
// Assignment from derived std::auto_ptr too...
std::auto_ptr<Derived> dptr2 (new Derived(2));
std::auto_ptr<Base> bptrAssigned;
bptrAssigned = dptr2;
#if 0
// ...BUT initializers are ambiguous
std::auto_ptr<Derived> dptr3 (new Derived(3));
std::auto_ptr<Base> bptrInitialized = dptr3;
// ...AND so are function arguments
std::auto_ptr<Derived> dptr4 (new Derived(4));
// conversion from ‘std::auto_ptr<Derived>’ to ‘std::auto_ptr<Base>’ is ambiguous
// candidates are:
// std::auto_ptr<Derived>::operator std::auto_ptr<Base>()
// std::auto_ptr<Base>::auto_ptr(std::auto_ptr<Derived>&)
// A static cast is a workaround, but not what I am
// looking for in this case...want it to be implicit
std::auto_ptr<Derived> dptr5 (new Derived(5));
std::auto_ptr<Base> bptrInitializedStaticCast =
static_cast< std::auto_ptr<Base> >(dptr5);
int main() {
Derived d (0);
return 1;