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This is some code that was in the appendix of a paper I'd written
in high school for a science project.  The title of the paper was

    "Load Balancing on Massively Parallel Networks:
     A Cellular Automaton Approach"

The original code would draw a 3-D graph of a mesh, where the
height of each node in the mesh represented the amount of "work"
that node had been distributed.  The goal was to count the
number of steps it took to reach equilibrium where each node had
been "diffused" an equal (or close enough to equal) amount of
this work.

The code in the appendix only covered the work distribution
portion, not the drawing of the graph.  So this is incomplete.
As time permits, I may try and resurrect it so it works.  In
the meantime, here it is so I can shred the paper (and so you
can make fun of how they taught high school kids to write C in

Blog entry about it: