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This is some funny old C and Pascal code for a piece of educational
software that I started writing when I was 17--for the Spanish
Honor society as a senior in High School.  The following summer I
added graphics to it, right before I started college.  It was
applied for studying and review of physiology at the George
Washington University Medical Center library.

Blog entry about it:


The four subdirectories are for the pieces of the project.  Two
of them were written in C:

    \INQG     - The graphical lecture/quiz "player" runtime
    \INQE     - The text-mode quiz/lecture database editor

 There were also some small pieces in Turbo Pascal.  I haven't
 seen Pascal for so long I'm surprised by things like that comments
 were in curly braces.  I only vaguely remember that being the case!

    \INQM     - The "maker" that packages DB and player on a floppy
    \INQI     - The "installer" program

A zip of this code miraculously survived the various purges of 5 1/4"
and 3 1/2" floppies in the intervening decades.  So I thought it
would be interesting to look at (at least for me, probably no one
else would care...!)

Though I used Borland C++ and the file extensions ".CPP" and ".HPP",
there's no C++ in it that jumps out at me.  It looks like plain
old bug-prone C to my eyes now.  :-)