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Mautic Google Authenticator

A Mautic plugin for two-step verification login with Google Authenticator.



  • Mautic 3.0+
  • PHP 7.2+

Download this project as a zip file and extract the content from the zip file.

Copy the HostnetAuthBundle folder to the plugins folder of your Mautic installation.

Clear the cache running this command from the Mautic main folder:

$ php bin/console cache:clear

Access the plugins page in the Mautic panel and click on Install/Update Plugins.

Activation and Usage

Once the plugin is installed you will need to activate it. Select the Google Authenticator on the plugins page and turn the Published option to Yes.

To use this integration you need to install the Google Authenticator app on your phone and scan the QR Code that appears on the plugin settings page.

Once you've done that, when you log into your Mautic you'll be requested to enter a token that you can get on your app.

In the options you can set how many days you wish to not enter the code again when you set a browser as trusted.


Este plugin é mantido pela empresa Hostnet Hospedagem de Sites, esperamos que seja útil para você.

A Hostnet oferece diversas soluções mais aprimoradas para a utilização do Mautic, seja no modo "faça você mesmo", ou com todo o ambiente gerenciado por nós.

Saiba mais nos links:

This plugin is developed by Hostnet Web Hosting, we hope it will be useful for you.

Hostnet offers many and more enhanced solutions for using Mautic, both in "do it yourself" mode or with the whole environment managed by us.

Learn more at:


A Mautic plugin for two-step verification login with Google Authenticator.



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