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A library for efficiently serializing basic .NET types into JSON, XML, Bencode, and PBON (portable binary) formats.
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A cross-platform library for efficiently serializing objects into a variety of formats.


  • Simple and effective support for backward compatibility when adding new serialized object members.

  • Stream-based API doesn't require the entire object to reside in memory.

  • Supports a variety of serialization formats, including JSON, XML, Bencode, and PBON, with a single API.

  • Available as a Portable Class Library, so it can be used with Mono, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android as a cross-platform solution.

  • Supports transmitting objects between platforms (regardless of processor endianness, for example).

  • Supports inspection of the underlying byte stream, which enables scenarios such as digital signing.

  • Suitable for extending into higher-level abstractions, for example, a messaging protocol.

For more information

See the project wiki.

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