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Sentiment analysis of tweets using google cloud natural language api
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Sentiment Tweets usig Tweepy & Google NLP

Sentiment analysis of tweets using google cloud natural language api. I showed this at the University of Texas at Dallas as part of my presentation 'AI & I at Work'.

Code setup instructions

Please note that you need to be familiar with Python, VirtualEnv, Django, and, to some extent Docker.

setup the data model via Django

  1. setup your Python virtual environment, such as virtualenv, then activate your Python environment.

  2. install all the code requirements pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. setup your Django project. How to setup Django is available at Django website

  4. install PostGresQL and create the database. In my case, I ran Docker container for the database

  5. migrate the Django model, i.e. makemigrations followed by migrate. If you did not create a superuser already, make sure to do so createsuperuser because you need it log in to the admin site. After all that is done start the server runserver

  6. access the admin link at

Table SearchKeywords is where you would include keywords that you want to search for on Twitter. Just add some keyword and check the enable option. The field enabled is useful if you want to keep the keywords in the database but you do not want to include them in your Tweeter streaming.

setup the Twitter API

  1. you need to setup a Twitter dev account first at followed by creating an application to enable read-only access to tweets. Steps to create a Twitter application is available at Twitter Getting Started

  2. create a python configuration sentiment/ and add the following

    consumer_key = "[INSERT THE CONSUMER_KEY FROM YOUR TWITTER DEV APP]" consumer_secret = "[INSERT THE CONSUME_SECRET FROM YOUR TWITTER DEV APP]" access_token = "[INSERT THE ACCESS TOKEN FROM YOUR TWITTER DEV APP]" access_token_secret = "[INSERT THE ACCESS TOKEN SECRET FROM YOUR TWITTER DEV APP]" tweets_max_per_sample = 10 <- number of tweets each time you run or rerun your app tweets_polling_time = 10 <- time in seconds for polling Twitter

setup Google Cloud NLP for sentiment analysis

  1. Set up a Google Cloud and activate Google Natural Language API
  2. Set up the Google Cloud Natural Language API at []. You can also try their Quick Start
  3. Make sure that you set the environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS in your machine (read here)

run the code

  • make sure you are at your project root and have your Python virtual environment activated
  • to capture tweets run the following command ./ script tweets_collector
  • to run sentiment analysis over your collected data ../ scrupt sentiment_analyzer

Note: this code works but is not perfectly complete... there are lots of things that are missing such as created views and a nice looking website. But it is also a great place for starters to play around with various code and try different things. Enjoy!

Thanks, Tarek

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