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A(nother) Binary Analysis Framework
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	Insight: An analysis framework for executable formats

Insight provides a framework to analyze binary files using static
analysis, model-checking and theorem proving techniques.

Insight is released under a 2-clause BSD license (see the 'COPYING'
file for more details).

For now, Insight supports i386 and amd64 architectures for
analysis. Because it currently depends on the GNU binutils to read
binary files and decode instructions, it is further limited to what
your installation of the binutils allows. See the 'INSTALL' file to
compile the binutils with support for all architectures.

Insight is released as a library and we provide only tests; we are
working on tools which will be released later under the same license.

Users Information
For further information on the contents of this distribution file,
we refer you to the following other documents:

* AUTHORS: List of authors and contributors to this project.
* COPYING: License information.
* INSTALL: Compilation and installation instructions.
* NEWS: List of major changes between formal releases.

For general and up-to-date information, visit our website at:

Developer Information
Developpers are, of course, more than welcome in this project and
feature requests, development questions and patches will be looked at
and commented by the Insight team.

Getting a fresh development snapshot of the source:

$ svn checkout insight

In order to report a bug, or request a new feature, please use our
issue tracker at

To contact the development team, send an e-mail to

Debugging with libtool
The autotools and libtool are producing shell scripts in place of
executable files when building the software. Thus, using debug tools
such as 'gdb' or 'valgrind' is quite tedious because you have to find
your way to the real executable file and properly set the library

You just have to use the 'libtool' command as shown here:

$ libtool --mode=execute gdb cfgrecovery
$ libtool --mode=execute valgrind cfgrecovery

On some operating systems, you have to use "glibtool" instead.
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