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Revision history for libeio
TODO: maybe add mincore support? available on at least darwin, solaris, linux, freebsd
TODO: openbsd requites stdint.h for intptr_t - why posix?
- readdir: correctly handle malloc failures.
- readdir: new flags argument, can return inode
and possibly filetype, can sort in various ways.
- readdir: stop immediately when cancelled, do
not continue reading the directory.
- fix return value of eio_sendfile_sync.
- include sys/mman.h for msync.
- added msync, mtouch support (untested).
- added sync_file_range (untested).
- fixed custom support.
- use a more robust feed-add detection method.
- "outbundled" from IO::AIO.
- eio_set_max_polltime did not properly convert time to ticks.
- tentatively support darwin in sendfile.
- fix freebsd/darwin sendfile.
- also use sendfile emulation for ENOTSUP and EOPNOTSUPP
error codes.
- add OS-independent EIO_MT_* and EIO_MS_* flag enums.
- add eio_statvfs/eio_fstatvfs.
- add eio_mlock/eio_mlockall and OS-independent MCL_* flag enums.
- no longer set errno to 0 before making syscalls, this only lures
people into the trap of believing errno shows success or failure.
- "fix" demo.c so that it works as non-root.
- suppoert utimes seperately from futimes, as some systems have
utimes but not futimes.