timing wheel implementation
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a simple timing-wheel timer, use double list.

##data str

  • wheels is a array, wheels_size is its' size.
  • wheel is a double list array.
  • index is current wheel.
  • each tick, index increment, execute the task in current wheel, granularity is each tick consume time, unit is milliseconds,
  • first is the task 's first execute relative time, interval is the task 's execute interval, they are all milliseconds.
  • rotation_count, if task's first or interval is larger than max duration wheels, rotation_count will increment.
  • so before execute task, need check if global rotation_count is equal task rotation_count

##task type

  • Repeat: this task will repeat execute, after current executing, calc next index and add it into list.
  • Once: this task just execute once.


gcc -g -o d timer.c adlist.c


  • create a wheels, wheel_size is 60 slot, granularity is 200ms.

Tw *tw = init(60, 200);

  • add three time event into wheels.

add(tw, 1000, 2000, a1, (void*)1, Repeat);

add(tw, 100000, 200000, a1, (void*)2, Once);

add(tw, 0, 10000, p1, tw, Repeat);

  • start timer