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Starting the container

Just the basics to get the container running:

docker run --rm --name sonarr -p 8989:8989 -v /tmp/sonarr:/config hotio/sonarr

The environment variables below are all optional, the values you see are the defaults.

-e PUID=1000
-e PGID=1000
-e UMASK=002
-e TZ="Etc/UTC"


Tag Description Build Status Last Updated
latest The same as stable
stable Stable version, V2 Build Status GitHub last commit (branch)
unstable Unstable version, V2 Build Status GitHub last commit (branch)
phantom Unstable version, V3 Build Status GitHub last commit (branch)

You can also find tags that reference a commit or version number.

Executing your own scripts

If you have a need to do additional stuff when the container starts or stops, you can mount your script with -v /docker/host/ to execute your script on container start or -v /docker/host/ to execute it when the container stops. An example script can be seen below.

#!/usr/bin/with-contenv bash

echo "Hello, this is me, your script."
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