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Command line tool for dumping Jenkins credentials.
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Jenkins Credentials Decryptor

Command line tool for decrypting and dumping Jenkins credentials.

What is this all about

Jenkins stores encrypted credentials in credentials.xml file.
To decrypt them you need the master.key and hudson.util.Secret files.

All three files are located inside Jenkins home directory:



I've tested this on Jenkins 1.625.1 and 2.141

Run using a binary

Download binary from releases, Linux and Mac only:

curl -L \
  "$(uname -s)_$(uname -m)" \
   -o jenkins-credentials-decryptor

chmod +x jenkins-credentials-decryptor

SSH into Jenkins box and run:

./jenkins-credentials-decryptor \
  -m $JENKINS_HOME/secrets/master.key \
  -s $JENKINS_HOME/secrets/hudson.util.Secret \
  -c $JENKINS_HOME/credentials.xml 

Or if you have the files locally:

./jenkins-credentials-decryptor \
  -m master.key \
  -s hudson.util.Secret \
  -c credentials.xml 

Run using docker

If you are worried about me sending your credentials over the network (I can assure you I don't do that) then run a container with disabled network:

From Jenkins box:

docker run \
  --rm \
  --network none \
  --workdir / \
  --mount "type=bind,src=$JENKINS_HOME/secrets/master.key,dst=/master.key" \
  --mount "type=bind,src=$JENKINS_HOME/secrets/hudson.util.Secret,dst=/hudson.util.Secret" \
  --mount "type=bind,src=$JENKINS_HOME/credentials.xml,dst=/credentials.xml" \ \
  /jenkins-credentials-decryptor \
    -m master.key \
    -s hudson.util.Secret \
    -c credentials.xml 

With files locally:

docker run \
  --rm \
  --network none \
  --workdir / \
  --mount "type=bind,src=$PWD/master.key,dst=/master.key" \
  --mount "type=bind,src=$PWD/hudson.util.Secret,dst=/hudson.util.Secret" \
  --mount "type=bind,src=$PWD/credentials.xml,dst=/credentials.xml" \ \
  /jenkins-credentials-decryptor \
    -m master.key \
    -s hudson.util.Secret \
    -c credentials.xml 

Build the binary yourself

If you are worried about executing a random binary from the internet then:

git clone
make build

Binary will be in the bin folder.



go get

Download dependencies:

make dependencies

Build and test:

make clean
make build
make test

Install to global golang bin directory:

make install

Following Standard Go Project Layout

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