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  1. tech

    Resources and issue tracking for Technical Working Group and all things Tech within HOT. Start here to get more information about how to get involved in HOT.

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  2. tasking-manager

    Tasking Manager 3 code, issues, documentation and fun. Please see the Tasking Manager 2 repository for any issues related to the previous version of the Tasking Manager.

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  3. osm-export-tool

    Export customised OSM data in various file formats

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  4. OpenAerialMap

    OpenAerialMap is an open service to provide access to a commons of openly licensed imagery and map layer services.

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  5. learnosm content, Jekyll layouts & issue tracking. This repository is dedicated to helping people learn how to map in OpenStreetMap (OSM) and use many of the software and tools in the OSM commu…

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  6. osm-analytics

    OSM Analytics lets you interactively analyze how specific OpenStreetMap features are mapped in a specific region.

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