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OpenAerialMap (OAM)

What is OpenAerialMap?

Imagery from satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other aircraft is becoming increasingly available after a disaster. It is often difficult to determine what is available and easily access it. OpenAerialMap (OAM) seeks to solve this by providing a simple open way to host and provide access to imagery for humanitarian response and disaster preparedness.


The following repositories are part of the OAM project:

oam-api Catalog for indexing open imagery
oam-browser Imagery browser for searching available imagery
oam-uploader The web frontend to the OAM Uploader API
oam-uploader-api The OAM Uploader API server
oam-docs OAM Documentation Code for the Website
oam-design-system Style guide and UI components library

Repositories maintained outside of the HOT Github:

marblecutter-openaerialmap Python, Flask and Lambda-based dynamic tiler for S3-hosted GeoTIFFs
oam-qgis-plugin An experimental plugin for QGIS v3 to access OAM

Deprecated repositories

oam-server Main repository for imagery processing and tile service creation tools
oam-server-tiler OAM Server tile engine
oam-server-activities SWFR Activities component for OAM Server
oam-server-decider SWF Decider component of OAM Server (using oam-server-tiler instead)
oam-server-api OAM Server API
oam-server-cli A command line utility for interacting with the OAM Server API
oam-server-deployment Amazon Web Services deployment tooling OAM Server
oam-server-publisher Status publishing component of OAM Server
oam-catalog-grid Generate a vector tile grid from the OAM catalog
oam-browser-filters The grid filters used by the oam-browser front end
oam-uploader-admin OAM uploader admin interface
oam-status A simple status dashboard for oam-catalog
oam-dynamic-tiler Python, Flask and Lambda-based dynamic tiler for S3-hosted GeoTIFFs
oam-qgis-plugin An experimental plugin for QGIS to access OAM

Getting Involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved in OpenAerialMap! First of all, if you're new to the project and want to learn a bit more about its current design and architecture, head over to the docs for an overview.

Ideas, Issue and Discussions

The best place to jump into discussions about OpenAerialMap is on the main issue tracker or individual ones for repos listed above.

Ongoing and past converations about the project take place in the project's Gitter chat room, and periodic updates go out on the OAM-Talk mailing list.)

Please come join the discussion and share your ideas!

Join the chat at


OpenAerialMap is an open service to provide access to a commons of openly licensed imagery and map layer services.






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