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I see a few tasks for myself immediately.

  • continue to refine the graphics through out the site. This includes one image for each of the splash buttons on the frontpage, the image for the training guide box, and the hand.

  • look into the thumbnail bug

  • start making contribution page

Other Tasks:

  • Format content

    It'd be nice if <p> and <li> are distinguished for different types of content. In the current documentations, paragraphs (no bullet) and lists (bullet points) are being used interchangably.

  • Image editing (who can take a look over images)

    I've noticed a few extra-large images. All the images/screenshots should have a width less than 400px to achieve a consistent look.

  • Translation status

  • Search function

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team member

I think that each chapter should have the following format:

  • Introduction includes a brief table of contents/subheaders of the chapter
  • All of those subheaders are listed in Roman Numeral form (I, II, III, IV, etc)
  • Under each subsection if there are directions, those are all listed with numbers (1,2,3, etc)
  • Bullets are used for descriptors and additional comments under the directions



(copied above comment by @MappingKat to corresponding issue #15)


divided tasks into #18, #19, #20, #21. Closing here

@jueyang jueyang closed this Jan 2, 2013
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