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Content formatting #15

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@MappingKat on #1:

Yea, sorry about the format content. Jeff and I should have clarified that
earlier. I think we were too overwhelmed with all of the information... I
think that for steps or directions in the guide we should have numbers.
Bullets should be used for descriptors. It's difficult because in some
cases we bullet points and in others we write paragraphs.

This issue is also true with the slideshows.


@MappingKat - can you be more specific?

  • What are these numerals used for?
  • What do you mean by 'bullets should be used for descriptors'?

If you just want some numerals on titles we can just do this in the web site, no need to modify content. In general, I'm thinking these questions will be much easier to solve once we are at a stable point with the site, so if you don't see any problem with holding off on solving formatting until we're done with content migration (#10), let's just wait.


Sorry, I mentioned a bit more in #12. Whatever suits you is good with me. There is plenty of other things for me to work on... :)


Cool. I'll copy over your comment from #12 now:

I think that each chapter should have the following format:

  • Introduction includes a brief table of contents/subheaders of the chapter
  • All of those subheaders are listed in Roman Numeral form (I, II, III, IV, etc)
  • Under each subsection if there are directions, those are all listed with numbers (1,2,3, etc)
  • Bullets are used for descriptors and additional comments under the directions

I'd still love to hold off on moving on formatting until the content migration stabilizes. From my perspective there's no reason to move on formatting details right now as we don't paint ourselves into any corners with ongoing work.

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Remaining tasks #12

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