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My suggestion:, upload .po files there and have them translated by community. It has working CLI tools so you can have even automatic pull/push workflow of new strings and translations.


Red Hat uses Zanata to manage the work of their translators. Would work well here? Thoughts?

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Define and Implement a Translation Workflow for LearnOSM #13


I found a really cool localization management tool called Crowdin that is free to open source projects.

Here are some sample screenshots from a Django Girls tutorial kept on GitHub:
screen shot 2015-05-23 at 11 03 50 pm

screen shot 2015-05-23 at 11 05 01 pm

We can try signing up for free at this link:

This tool has the potential to drastically simplify the current translation workflow & encourage more translation help. Any reason why we wouldn't want to test this tool to manage translations?


Potential Solution for issue #13, #138


Update: It looks like POEditor offers direct GitHub Integration (Crowdin doesn't at this time) and the process looks easier than Transifex's integration process.

PoEditor's GitHub Integration Setup/Process:

Transifex's GitHub Integration Setup/Process:

I think POEditor looks like a good, easy-to-use & maintainable option.


Certainly we need to set in place a translation system. I don't know if @althio has had time to fully investigate Transiflex yet - I suspect not as he has been busy.

@jmarlena thanks for checking this out - could you prepare a workflow guide 'in rough' that we could compare with ? that althio may have, so we can work out which way to go.

Thanks for investigating this so far.


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