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I have finished beginner guide migration for languages with complete beginner materials, as mentioned in #31.

Each language comes with a homepage and other translated materials (such as the feedback box "Was this chapter helpful?" after each chapter). I have used google translate for these content. Could you or someone else proofread the content?

The translation for the tagline, contribute banner, feedback box and training box are in the _config.yml file.

Those for home page are the under each language in the _posts folder.



Could you or someone else proofread the content?

We'll want to pass each of these non-english content pieces on to native speakers. I can reach out to Japanese and Portuguese speakers. @MappingKat or @wonderchook can you have a native speaker look at the Bahasa Indonesia copy? Who would we ask for Italian?

  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Japanese 日本語 (@lxbarth reaches out to Taichi)
  • Português (@lxbarth reaches out to Vitor George)
  • Italiano

Here's the current front page of the new


I will ask Fabrizio Tambussa to review the Italian, he did most of the translation.


old. closing

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