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Spanish translation #63

lxbarth opened this Issue · 36 comments

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This issue is to coordinate ongoing Spanish translation.

To contribute:

  • Fork learnosm to your account
  • Translate in spanish branch
  • Issue pull request from your spanish branch to the learnosm/spanish branch

Before starting into a translation throw out a quick note here on the thread what you're immediately working on.

The immediate part is important, let's not block each other with future plans :-)



I forked the repo into the geoinquietosvlc (a small group of geo enthusiasts here in Valencia, Spain) so anyone willing to colaborate please stand up and I will add you to the team so you can pull your translations.

I will start in top-down order: contribute,index, status, etc.

@lxbarth do you prefer a single pull when the complete guide is translated or three or four PR as we move on?


First commits initial files and first guide files.

I will continue (not today) with Getting started with


Welcome @juanluisrp, I've added you to the team.


Translated 0200-12-28-start-josm into Spanish and updated some pictures whit the JOSM's GUI in Spanish.


Translated into Spanish with pictures. Added also images in SVG (compressed) with the images, texts etc so they can be translated or updated easily.

Next week I'll start with skipping the JOSM plugins files just in case @juanluisrp has started with it.


I have taken the file to translate it.


I'm starting with today.


Translated Still need to adjust the style.


I've translated

I will continue reviewing previous chapters to level the style and next with


I've committed some changes in already translated files in order to fix some typos and give coherence on quote styles «» instead of '/"/etc as well as placing in italics non Spanish words like zoom, paper, etc.

@shiguera @juanluisrp check the commit or your files and if you don't agree with something, comment on the commit or open a ticket at our repo to discuss them.

Great work guys!!


Hi @cronoser I see you forked our repo, I assume you'll do your translation their and move a pull request when you are done.

See how the other chapters have been translated for the style, images, etc.

Thanks for contributing!!


Hi guys, sorry but I won't be able to translate so if anyone is able to do it please, we've almost finished!!


Locking I'm working on it today. Not sure how far I'm going to be able to advance and anyway as I am not a native Spanish speaker, a review is going to be needed.

@jsanz: Please add me to the repo. Thanks!


I got through it. Definitively a native speaker review is requested.

Github seems to have problems to fork a forked repository, therefore I have not filed a pull request to the geoinquietosvlc/learnosm repo. I will wait till I get access and then upload it afterwards as soon as possible.


Hi @xamanu, I've added you to the team. BTW @juanluisrp has been able to fork our repo and use the pull request method to contribute to the geoinquietos fork. Anyway both methods are okay, as soon as you have something for us to review please tell us.

Thank you!!


Thanks @jsanz. I just uploaded the file If some native Spanish speaker could look over it would be great. Thanks!

Yes, I cloned first the hotosm/learnosm repo and later I tried to clone yours (which is a cloned one to the one I already cloned) to file a pull request. Github does not seem to provide this functionality (at least no as intuitively that I could made it without checking more on it).


Hello. Iam new in JOSM but I would like translation to spanish..
Where.. here


Finished review of @xamanu version of 0200-12-23-editing-with-josm.
All chapters Beginner guide are translated now. @jsanz I think it is ready for a pull request to


Cool @juanluisrp, let's go :-)


Pull request #95

Let's see if @lxbarth is happy with it, thanks to everyone involved on the job, I'm quite happy with the results.


@jsanz and all: thanks for the amazing work! :)
I've merged your work in the spanish branch.
We are missing some translations in _config.xml and an image on the "Lecturas adicionales" chapter. And then I will be able to merge into gh-pages, for your work to be online :)
FYI, I've also added "Español" in the language menu, and added an "es.json" file, for the Spanish translation to be searchable.
Please do not forget to refetch the spanish branch from upstream, as I've merged gh-pages into it.
Thanks again! :)


Hi @yohanboniface thanks for merging.

I've updated our fork for the last month of commits and also translated the _config.yml file but I can't find any image on the moving forward page of the guide.

Before asking for another pull request on those final changes, what image do you miss?


Haga clic en el enlace de confirmación, el cual se parece a este:

Here there is supposedly an image of the received email. By the way, I see that it is missing in English too!
You can have a look for example at the Italian translation to see it.
And I will see why it has disappear from English one ;)


This seems to be online:
Thank you everybody!! This is going to be very useful.


@yohanboniface @lxbarth to maintain the translation updated (and fixed I've already seen some markup problems) should we continue working on our fork of the spanish branch or maybe better just anyone of us fork gh-pages and do regular pull requests?


@jsanz regular PR on gh-pages is great for small improvements :)


Appears there is nothing outstanding on this - closing this issue. A new issue can be opened when a particular item is required.

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