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from ml_enabler.utils import bbox_to_tiles, url_image_to_b64_string,\
get_raw_prediction, get_tile_center, get_tile_quadkey
from ml_enabler.utils.postproc import get_thresh_weighted_sum, get_pixel_area
from ml_enabler.exceptions import InvalidData
import aiohttp
import asyncio
import logging
import json
import numpy as np
from .BasePredictor import BasePredictor
class LookingGlassPredictor(BasePredictor):
default_zoom = 18
name = 'looking_glass'
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.weight = self.model_opts['weight'] if 'weight' in self.model_opts else 'auto'
async def predict(self, bbox, concurrency, outfile, errfile):
Return predictions for given bbox
tiles = list(bbox_to_tiles(bbox, self.zoom))'Processing {len(tiles)} tiles')
weight = self.get_weight(bbox, self.zoom)
conn = aiohttp.TCPConnector(limit=concurrency)
timeout = aiohttp.ClientTimeout(total=None, connect=None, sock_connect=None, sock_read=None)
async with aiohttp.ClientSession(connector=conn, timeout=timeout) as session:
version = await self.get_version(session)
metadata = {
'version': version,
'bbox': bbox,
'zoom': self.zoom
futures = [self.predict_tile(session, tile, weight) for tile in tiles]
results = await asyncio.gather(*futures)
errors = list(filter(lambda r: 'error' in r, results))
successes = list(filter(lambda r: 'error' not in r, results))
out_data = {
'metadata': metadata,
'predictions': successes
if errfile:
errfile.write(json.dumps(errors, indent=2))
if len(errors) > 0:
logging.warn('No errfile provided, but errors were present.')
outfile.write(json.dumps(out_data, indent=2))
async def predict_tile(self, session, tile, weight):
image_url = self.tile_url.format(x=tile.x, y=tile.y, z=self.zoom, token=self.token)
prediction_endpoint = f'{self.endpoint}models/{}:predict'
tile_centroid = get_tile_center(tile)
quadkey = get_tile_quadkey(tile)
payload = await self.get_payload(session, image_url)
except Exception as e:
logging.warning(f'Error while fetching image for quadkey {quadkey}')
return {
'quadkey': quadkey,
'error': str(e),
'error_type': 'image'
raw_prediction = await get_raw_prediction(session, prediction_endpoint, payload)
data = self.get_data_from_prediction(raw_prediction, weight)
except Exception as e:
logging.warning(f'Error while fetching prediction for quadkey {quadkey}')
return {
'quadkey': quadkey,
'error': str(e),
'error_type': 'model'
# print('pred', raw_prediction)
return {
'quadkey': quadkey,
'centroid': tile_centroid,
'predictions': data
async def get_payload(self, session, image_url):
image_base64 = await url_image_to_b64_string(session, image_url)
instances = [
'image_bytes': {
'b64': image_base64
return {
'instances': instances
async def get_version(self, session):
version_url = f'{self.endpoint}models/{}'
res = await session.get(version_url)
if res.status != 200:
logging.error('Failed to fetch version information from prediction endpoint')
raise Exception(f'Unable to fetch version information from {version_url}')
data = await res.json()
return data['model_version_status'][0]['version']
def get_data_from_prediction(self, raw_prediction, weight):
if not raw_prediction or 'predictions' not in raw_prediction:
logging.error('Malformed data returned from prediction endpoint')
raise InvalidData('Improper predictions format from model')
predictions = raw_prediction['predictions']
np_arr = np.array(predictions)
return {
'ml_prediction': get_thresh_weighted_sum(np_arr, weight=weight)
def get_weight(self, bbox, zoom):
if self.weight != 'auto':
return float(self.weight)
latitude = float(bbox.split(',')[1])
return get_pixel_area(latitude, zoom)
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