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No longer being maintained. See

Token Manager

The Token Manager allows maintainers to issue authorization tokens used in the Uploader Form. This web application requires the Uploader API to be running. Before proceeding, we suggest you read the ecosystem docs.

Installation and Usage

The steps below will walk you through setting up your own instance of the oam-uploader-admin.

Install Project Dependencies

To set up the development environment for this website, you'll need to install the following on your system:

  • Node v4 (To manage multiple node versions we recommend nvm)

Install Application Dependencies

If you use nvm, activate the desired Node version:

nvm install

Install Node modules:

npm install


Config files

All the config files can be found in app/assets/scripts/config. After installing the projects there will be 3 main files:

  • local.js - Used only for local development. On production this file should not exist or be empty.
  • staging.js
  • production.js

The production.js file serves as base and the other 2 will override it as needed:

  • staging.js will be loaded whenever the env variable DS_ENV is set to staging.
  • local.js will be loaded if it exists.

The following options must be set: (The used file will depend on the context)


module.exports = {
  OAMUploaderApi: 'http://localhost:4000'

Starting the app

npm run serve

Compiles the sass files, javascript, and launches the server making the site available at http://localhost:3000/ The system will watch files and execute tasks whenever one of them changes. The site will automatically refresh since it is bundled with livereload.


To prepare the app for deployment run:

npm run build

This will package the app and place all the contents in the dist directory. The app can then be run by any web server.


Oam Uploader Admin is licensed under BSD 3-Clause License, see the LICENSE file for more details.