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Export Tool Wiki

This wiki contains content mainly of interest to developers and contributors to the Export Tool project. For more information on how to use the tool itself to export customised OpenStreetMap data, please visit the Help page on the Export Tool.

Developer Documentation

This section links to pages that will help you get started as a developer in the Export Tool project. Please read the documentation carefully and provide fixes if you find outdated or inaccurate material.

  • Code of conduct
  • Coding standards

Next you should probably read the platform specific notes so that you can see how to get started on your preferred operating system:

  • Linux development setup
  • Windows development setup
  • Mac development setup

The release management process is documented here:

  • Preparing a test build
  • Preparing a release

For internationalisation and translation to your language:

  • Internationalisation


The planning for Export Tool future releases and features is done on the github milestones page.

Version History

Feature Requests

Please add any ideas about things you would like to see in Export Tool in the future as an issue and add the 'Feature Request' label.


  • Humanitarian Data Exchange


As the Export Tool is fully open source we'd like to thank all of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team donors who have funded our fantastic developers. We would also like to thank the OpenStreetMap community and all the contributors of the global open geospatial database.

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