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JOSM presets maintained by HOT team

See the for tools to help process these.

HOWTO-XMLLINT (on ubuntu)

XMLLINT will auto indent your xml files.

This is extremely useful for doing multiple line find-replace functions.

First you can find-replace all occurances of tab(\t) with nothing(blank) in the file to unindent it.

Then you can do multiple line find-replace to add or delete code (\n is line return, \t is tab


$ sudo apt-get install libxml2-utils

Configure XMLLINT

XMLLINT by default uses to spaces( ) to index instead of tab(\t).

To change this to tab run:

$ gedit ~/.bashrc

Once in this file add these lines onto the end of the file:

# set tab as default for xmllint --format
export XMLLINT_INDENT=$'\t'

Save the file


To run XMLLINT run this command:

$ xmllint --format [FILE_NAME] > [NEW_FILE_NAME]

To not create a new file run:

$ xmllint --format [FILE_NAME] > temp; mv temp [FILE_NAME]