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[WIP] Version 3.0.4 Release #1245

merged 90 commits into from Nov 3, 2018


None yet

dakotabenjamin commented Oct 19, 2018

Marked as WIP because I want to fully summarize changes but there are a lot! Most of the changes are from Hacktoberfest Contributions so let's make sure to attribute properly as well.

This PR marks a feature freeze. Do not merge any PRs in to develop until after this release has been merged into master. The current plan is to merge by the end of next week.

dkocich and others added some commits Jan 31, 2018

Preserve existing task history on task split
* When splitting a task, copy any prior task history to each new task

* Restore Task.clear_task_lock to its prior behavior of simply clearing
the task lock so that it's reusable outside of auto-unlock scenarios.

* Move the recently-added auto-unlock specific behavior from
Task.clear_task_lock into a new Task.record_auto_unlock that delegates
to clear_task_lock and then records the AUTO_UNLOCKED action.
Corrected grammatical mistake at line 61.
Merge pull request #1194 from Thrazadin/721
Project Creationn: Error Message alignment
Update de.json
Fix for jira FSTA-400.  Translation change.
Add new SPLIT task status
Instead of adding a comment to record a task split, use a new SPLIT
status. The SPLIT history entry is simply informative -- newly
split tasks are moved to READY status.
Merge pull request #1200 from hotosm/contributing-translations
Add translation repo to CONTRIBUTING
Allow commenting on task without locking it
* Add a comment box to tasks that is always present and can be used to
comment on a task without first locking it for mapping or validation
Add user expert-mode setting
Add expert-mode setting on users that can be used to control
availability of advanced and/or experimental features that should not be
made available to the general public. Users can enable expert mode from
their profile page if desired.
Enhance readability of task history
* Change display of task history to a table structure, grouping together
consecutive history entries from the same user with visual dividers
between groups

* Show icons or color-coded status markers on entries based on status to
make the history easier to digest at a glance

* Use table structure for Last Activity section of project Activity and
Stats page, including color-coded status markers for entries

* Support rendering of Markdown in comments
Create new common css entry for markdown-to-html
Rather than having to change the colors of all sections,
have it only aimed for markdown-to-html directive.

So this would also allow it not to override other elements with
the same structure or classes.

This initial addition will set code to red.

Resolves #693
Some SMTP Servers, such as gmail, don't use port 25. This causes a ti…
…meout when attempting to connect, and makes tests run for a very long time

ethan-nelson and others added some commits Oct 14, 2018

Merge pull request #1206 from jillhkm/develop
Added icons to buttons available when mapping.
Merge pull request #1159 from ethan-nelson/login-redirect-loop
Prevent user getting stuck in login loop
Update flask version to 0.12.3
There is a security vulnerability in Flask versions < 0.12.3:

@dakotabenjamin dakotabenjamin requested review from smit1678 and ethan-nelson Oct 19, 2018


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ethan-nelson commented Oct 20, 2018

Wow, a lot of changes. Thank you to the following contributors, especially those who have contributed to the TM for the first time! 🥇 🎊

@dkocich @nrotstan @smit1678 @Thrazadin @Akshit312 @marlenealv @jillhkm @lesserj @jonyeezs @ernoma @Hulios @PierrePIRONIN @stufinn @hunt3ri @AndreasHae @hugovk @dakotabenjamin @ramyaragupathy @ethan-nelson

Changes included:

  • Overhaul task history display and fix minor regressions
  • Preserve task history when splitting a task
  • Fix bug with auto-unlocking tasks after one auto-unlock
  • Allow users to comment on a task without locking it
  • Add an API endpoint to get users by OSM ID instead of username
  • Include linter for frontend files
  • Fix issue where users were redirected to the login page after logging in
  • Fix awkward error message display when uploading invalid geometry
  • Updating some translations and add full Finnish translation
  • Add foundation of "expert mode"
  • Improve display of buttons to mark a task completely mapped, unlock, split, etc.
  • Render markdown in task description as well as the contribute card
  • Improve backend tests

Please review these changes on We are aiming to receive feedback by Wednesday October 24th to iterate on any changes and merge on that Friday or so.

Merge pull request #1220 from hotosm/mapping-buttons-layout
Rearrange buttons for mapping tab

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Vaomatua commented Oct 25, 2018

Not sure if these items have been requested but these are my suggestions based on creating tasks and contributing to other tasks. 1) Move the legend to a graphic off of the map, 2) Allow a reply to a message, 3) Allow the User Contributions to be sortable 4) remove the pop-up window for profile etc. to go away rather than persist after choosing option like Project dashboard.
Thanks for the tool, it makes a difference.


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dakotabenjamin commented Oct 26, 2018

Thanks for the feedback @Vaomatua. There is an issue open for number 3 in #871 and some discussion regarding messaging in #824. The UI improvements would be welcome as their own issues so we can track them.

ramyaragupathy and others added some commits Oct 26, 2018

Merge pull request #1260 from hotosm/icon-state-change
Interactive SVG icons for button action text

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michael63-osm commented Oct 27, 2018

  • The rearrangement of the buttons on the mapping tab is really helpful and should encourage users to push the right one.
  • Preserving the history after splitting is great too because when validating you want to know what was going on here previously
  • I am still waiting for one feature from TM2: That the 'last activity' on the history page does not only show that a task was mapped but also provides a link to that particular task. When you are validating during a mapathon you want to catch errors of new contributors as early as possible. If I can see which task one has just been working on this is much easier to accomplish.
  • The validation tab should have a scroll bar for the list of contributors. If it is long then you have to scroll down the whole page thus losing the map view. You cannot see which squares these people down the list have been working on. And it is not always possible to work around this by sorting the list.

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dakotabenjamin commented Oct 27, 2018

@smit1678 or @ethan-nelson can you review again with the new changes?


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smit1678 commented Oct 28, 2018

Good from my end. The fixes to the icons in the mapping actions looks great. 👍


ethan-nelson approved these changes Nov 2, 2018 edited

Sorry again for the delay--lots of travel madness.

My main comment is it looks like #1220 has caused a regression of some edits in #1201. The refactored comment box is gone on the "task is in an unlocked state" window so users can no longer comment on tasks that aren't checked out. However I think it's pressing enough to get these new changes out (especially with respect to testing auto-unlocking bugs now) that we can hopefully backfill the changed changes afterwards.


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ethan-nelson commented Nov 2, 2018

Thank you again to all the contributors for this update!


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dakotabenjamin commented Nov 2, 2018

Thanks @ethan-nelson and @smit1678! This will be merged at 9PM Eastern tonight.

@dakotabenjamin dakotabenjamin merged commit f17ece8 into master Nov 3, 2018

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