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@xamanu xamanu released this Jul 15, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release


  • Add Korean language (#1713).
  • Remove "What is new" page (#1634)
  • Don't allow mapping nor validation without email being set (#1435).
  • Introduce mapper-level icons and encouragement messages (#1381).
  • Functionality to transfer a project to a new owner (#1341).
  • Allow to transfer only to owners with the role of a project manager (#1725).
  • Enforce Random Task Selection (#1583).
  • Allow advanced users and validators inspect tasks through OSMCha (#1362).
  • Show users in expert mode ISO8601 timestamps on tasks (#1359).
  • Allow validators in expert mode to classify mapping issues (#1276).
  • Repair calculation about on tasks completion on projects (#1527, #1696).
  • Improve time-spend-mapping calculations (#1571, #1562).
  • Add Task Annotations API with markdown support (#1349, #1264, #1700).
  • Fix search by project number through database trigger for indexing text_searchable (#1723)
  • Use textual replacements in SQL queries (#1731)
  • Improve handling of strings for translations (#1678, #1706).
  • Updated technical documentation (#1674, #1489).

Description of changes

… for all users

  1. You should be able to select the Korean language for browsing the Tasking Manager.
  2. The "What is new" page has been removed.
  3. Users that haven't added an email address can no longer map nor validate until they add their email address.
  4. Depending on the level of experience users now have a coloured reward icon and motivating messages on the front page and user profile to continue mapping and validating.
  5. Advanced users and validators can inspect tasks in OSMCha by clicking on the button "View in OSMCha" in the advanced task information area.
  6. When the "expert mode" in a user's profile has been activated, users can hover over tasks' time information to view it in full detail and clicking on it copies it to the clipboard.
  7. Percentages of completeness, mapped, invalidated and bad imagery tasks on projects should be accurate and consistent.

… for project managers

  1. Projects can only be edited by the project owner and admins. Now, the project ownership can be transferred to another user with project manager role. This can be done by editing a projects and choose the "Actions" tab.
  2. You can enforce random task selection for a project. The functionality is found when editing a project under the "Settings" tab and applies to all users but not admins and project managers.
  3. Validators in expert mode can classify tasks and report mapping issues based on categories, which admins and project managers can define for the whole instance - see "Manage issue" in the main drop down menu.
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