Resources and issue tracking for Technical Working Group and all things Tech within HOT. Start here to get more information about how to get involved in HOT.
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This repo exists to provide overall coordination of HOT technical interests and activities through the Technical Working Group.

Have a critical need or want to report a problem? Open an issue and someone will help follow up.

How the repo is organized:

Project ideas - The project ideas folder can contain briefs or more in-depth write ups about project ideas. Have an idea for a project? Open an issue and tag it with the label, Project Idea.

Quarterly Goals - What is our focus for the next few months? How can other organizations and individuals help support or contribute to those goals. Want to contribute to the generation of these goals? Find an issue with the label, Quarterly Goals.

Principles - How do we think about open source software and development? What are our guidelines or principles we consider when evaluating software or thinking about a project? How do we make decisions or organize staff, volunteers, contributors to projects? These are principles or guidelines that we adhere to and drive our work.

Resources - This is a catch all for simple help documents or other materials for getting things done. Info that doesn't fit into LearnOSM or another project repo can be found here. Have an idea for a new resource? Open an issue and label it with, Resource Need.

Wiki - The wiki is a place for other notes, documents, or links. For example, you can find the meeting notes and links for the Technical Working Group bi-weekly meeting in the Meetings wiki page.

Issue tracker

Please use the issue tracker to start discussions, report problems, or leave notices about any general technical or system aministration needs related to HOT's technical infastructure.

Bug reports or feature requests for specific HOT applications should be left on the software's specific GitHub repository.

We try to make heavy use of labels in the issue tracker to help organize.

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