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This repository contains source code for hfp_tcp, an rtl_tcp "work-alike" server for the AirSpy HF+ and HF+ Discovery SDR receivers.

Note that hfp_tcp is not the same thing as, nor compatible with, the spyserver protocol. rtl_tcp is a command-line tool developed by OsmoCom and others, for various Realtek RTL2832-based DVB-T USB peripherals, to serve IQ samples from those USB devices over TCP. There are multiple SDR applications, available for Linux, macOS, or Wintel systems, that can connect to a local or remote SDR radio peripheral via the rtl_tcp protocol.

The hfp_tcp server allows many SDR applications that support the HL2 sample rates (768k, 192k, etc.) to connect to an AirSpy HF+ or HF+ Discovery. Among the SDR applications supporting those sample rates are the iOS and macOS apps: rtl_tcp SDR and SDR Receiver, which allow using an hfp_tcp server from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Dependancies for building: libusb and libairspyhf . See instruction in those repositories for how to build them.
Builds have been tested on Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi 3B and 4, and on macOS.


hfp_tcp -a server_IP_Address [-p tcp_server_port] [-b 8/16]

Starts a server for the rtl_tcp protocol on a local TCP server port (default rtl_tcp port 1234) and waits for a TCP connection.

Distribution License: BSD 3-clause No warrantees implied.



An rtl_tcp compatible IQ server for the AirSpy HF+ SDR






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