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An rtl-tcp compatible, IQ server for LimeSDR Mini
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An rtl-tcp compatible, IQ server for LimeSDR Mini

This repository contains source code for lmm_tcp, a TCP server for LimeSDR Mini SDR radio USB devices. The lmm_tcp server emulates the rtl_tcp protocol as implemented by the rtl_tcp command-line tool developed by OsmoCom and others for various Realtek RTL2832-based DVB-T USB peripherals. There are multiple SDR applications, available for Linux, macOS, or Wintel systems, that can connect to a local or remote SDR radio peripheral via the rtl_tcp protocol. This server allows using many of those applications with a LimeSDR Mini (among those applications are the iOS apps rtl_tcp SDR and SDR Receiver, for SDR on an iPhone or iPad).

The requirements for using lmm_tcp include first installing LimeSuite. Instructions for building and installing LimeSuite are here: .

After installing LimeSuite on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, this is a command-line that I used for compiling lmm_tcp :

cc -lm -lLimeSuite -O2 -o lmm_tcp lmm_tcp.c

Distribution permitted under the Mozilla Public License version 1.1.

My websites: and

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