Show a flash error instead of crashing when posting to twitter while twitter's down #552

carols10cents opened this Issue Jul 26, 2012 · 2 comments

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If you've logged in with twitter, and you try and post in and you have the twitter checkbox checked, but twitter is down, you'll get to a "we're sorry, something went wrong" 500 page.

Instead you should be on the page you normally see when message posting succeeds, since posting to worked just fine, and show a flash error that posting to twitter didnt work and twitter might be down.


Working on it. Found Twitter::Error from Twitter Gem. Need to determine how to write minitest spec to simulate Twitter failure.

In progress code @ Feature/issue_552 Branch

zph commented Oct 5, 2012

Update: More specifically Twitter::Error is a namespace enclosing the more exact errors such as Twitter::Error::ServerError. I'll need to read through these to see what's appropriate to capture in

Also, hopefully the Twitter gem specs have a decent lead on simulating a Twitter outage for test purposes.

Still intermittently working on it!

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