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twitter-compatible API: POST /statuses/retweet/:id #576

carols10cents opened this Issue · 2 comments

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This is a smaller story broken out from #562.

This issue is just to make POST /statuses/retweet/:id work like the twitter API. This route doesn't currently exist at all, but there is a nice update json decorator for you to use.

Ignore the issue of client authentication for the moment; just make this work as a normally authenticated user in the browser for now (see #564 about authentication)

Description: Retweets a tweet. Returns the original tweet with retweet details embedded.

Definitely interpret anything in the twitter docs so that it makes sense for, and definitely ask if you have any questions!

Leave a comment if you're working on this.


Do we have retweets?


We do, but they're "non-native" in twitter terms (that is, they add extra characters, until issue #366 is implemented) and they're called RS which stands for.... restate? reshare? restatus? something that's not retweet... ahhh, check out #11 for the discussion on that ;)

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