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Just gives me the interal error page when I try to login into my account (singpolyma) with twitter.




*raises fist* *my best seinfeld impersonation* ... Twitter!


The staging server I have uses a different twitter key and it works just fine. We should check to see if our key has been revoked. @carols10cents ?


I tried resetting our keys and it still doesn't work. When I try to sign in to rstatus with twitter, it looks like we're getting a valid oauth_token and oauth_verifier, but then I get this error:

Started GET "/auth/twitter/callback?oauth_token=[carol elided]&oauth_verifier=[carol elided]" for at 2013-07-13 15:58:31 +0000
(twitter) Callback phase initiated.
TypeError (can't convert nil into String):
vendor/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/omniauth-twitter-0.0.13/lib/omniauth/strategies/twitter.rb:23:in +'
block in class:Twitter'
vendor/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/omniauth-1.1.1/lib/omniauth/strategy.rb:102:in `instance_eval'

Are you using omniauth-twitter-0.0.13 too, wilkie?


arunagw/omniauth-twitter#30 hm it might be rate limiting, it might be fixed with an update of omniauth-twitter?


@carols10cents master currently has 0.0.15 locked for omniauth-twitter. They bumped to 1.0.0 from 0.0.18 so let's upgrade everything twitter related anyway.

@singpolyma singpolyma closed this Sep 12, 2013
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