Facing connection Time out issue -while using github-services Repository #796

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I am new to Ruby and would like to register the service (SkyDesk Projects) with GitHub for a third party integration.

I have cloned the git-hub-service repository and am trying to execute the tests in the local set up.
While executing the test,I am facing the connection time out exception .I am attaching my service file ,test file and the full stack trace.
Not only my service,I am not able to execute the test of any other service.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am using a linux machine with ruby 1.9.3 version.



I think you filed this in the wrong place. If you want to integrate with Github, you should probably talk to @github. If I'm wrong, please reopen this.

@colindean colindean closed this Dec 5, 2013
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