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totoloco commented Apr 3, 2011

We can set a stylesheet for all site (when user is logged) and for user profile.

This settings can be configured at /:username/edit

himito commented Apr 3, 2011

Nice feature!!!


I'm not so sure about this feature.
There is no option to reset the style
no tests
adding custom code to a public profile

totoloco commented Apr 3, 2011

Thanks, I'll fix that stuff :D


Frankly, I'm probably not going to merge this in.

I think it's a good feature for people who run nodes. I'd like to have this in there in some capacity. But for individual users? This leads to MySpace.

Thoughts from everyone else?


I would have to agree with you on this @steveklabnik. Letting users modify the CSS to change the appearance of their profile page is going to lead everybody towards the MySpace direction.

Instead maybe we should let the users adjust some parts of their profile using a GUI settings page like the background image the colors for text, links and etc.

wilkie commented Apr 4, 2011

I'd have to agree with @steveklabnik and @usmanbashir. Something like this would be great for administrators, but for the common user, I'd go with something simpler. Actually, that goes for administrators, too. Since we should be pushing deploying one's own node to as wide an audience as possible. After all, Simplicity is one of our virtues, for this reason.

totoloco commented Apr 4, 2011

I close this pull request, and then I then rebuild a new one ;)

@totoloco totoloco closed this Apr 4, 2011
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