Fix for undefined method `start_with?' for nil:NilClass in Rakefile #746

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There's a minor issue when attempting to run any rake task that does not contain any arguments:

bundle exec rake -T

rake aborted!
undefined method `start_with?' for nil:NilClass
/Users/dtykocki/Development/ruby/ `'
/Users/dtykocki/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p374@rstatus/bin/ruby_noexec_wrapper:14:in `eval'
/Users/dtykocki/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p374@rstatus/bin/ruby_noexec_wrapper:14:in `'
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

@wilkie wilkie merged commit 4c88b88 into hotsh:master Feb 22, 2013

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Good catch. My mistake! I never ran rake without an argument! :/

Thanks! ❤️

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