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Mozilla Tinderbox processor and UI.

The Server:

  • Pulls build info from in its JSON-ish format.
  • Pulls push/revision info from in its real JSON format.
  • Parses xpcshell and mozmill build logs downloaded from
  • Is not Mozilla Pulse aware.
  • Uses hbase for storage.

The UI/client:

  • Talks to the server.

Client Deps (Included):

All of these are present as git submodules, you need do nothing if you check us out with "--recursive". If you forgot to do that, do "git submodule init" then "git submodule update".

  • RequireJS: module loader.
  • wmsy: widgeting framework.
  • jstut: uh, reusing my visualizable promise work, documentation eventually.

Server Deps:

You need to install these via npm; I probably need to make a useful package.json...

  • q, q-http: promises stuff
  • carrier: simple line-reader stream filter
  • express/connect: web serving framework, used very shallowly.
  • thrift: for hbase talkin'
  • nomnom: option parsing
  • realtime updates

The npm version is no good and so you need to git clone the below and then install using npm somehow. (I use "npm link".)

  • compress: decompress, npm packageable one from git://

Server Optional Deps

For development:

  • node-dev: Auto-restart helper; the webserve scripts use this if present on the path.