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Getting started



Settings to be added to your Django settings:

MAILPOST_CONFIG_FILE =  os.path.join(DIRNAME, 'config', 'mailpost.yaml')

Settings to be added to your Django installed applications:



Example of config yaml file:

backend: 'imap'
host: ''
port: null #If none is specified, default IMAP port will be used
ssl: 'true'
username: ''
password: 'ChangeThis'
mailboxes: ['INBOX'] #default
query: 'all' #Options are 'all', 'unseen', 'seen', 'deleted', 'nondeleted'
base_url: 'http://localhost:8000/' #Default: null

#Note the difference between 'from'('to') and 'sender'('receiver') fields
#The former contains full address, like 'Test Mname <>'
#The latter contains email only, like ''

   -   url       : 'mail_test/'
       method    : 'post' #default
       conditions: #Multiple conditions have effect of boolean 'and'
               sender : ['*', '*'] #Multiple patterns have effect of boolean 'or'
               subject: '*test*'
       syntax    : 'glob' # Patterns syntax for params.
                          #Possible values are 'glob' and 'regexp'. Default: 'glob'
       raw       : false # Send unparsed message. Default: false
       msg_params: ['from', 'to', 'sender', 'receiver', 'subject', 'body']
                    # Which parsed parts of message to send in the request.
                    #Has no effect if raw=true
       add_params: { message_type: 'test' }
                     #Additional params to send in request.
                     #Will overwrite message params in case of identical keys.
                     # Default: {}
       send_files: true #Whether to send attachments. Default: true
       actions   : ['mark_as_read','delete']
                    # Additional processing actions. Default: [].
                    #In future it may vary depending on backend