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if you are Thanos(root), this command could delete half your files randomly
PowerShell Shell
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This command could delete list half your files randomly.

don't use it at home and other places. this is a real gun, use it wisely...

feel free to post your story on, waiting.






  1. 支持mac系统,但是需要使用到gshuf命令,需要通过brew安装,安装命令如下:
    /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
    brew install coreutils
  1. 此脚本只会列出当前目录一半的文件。并且。。。总之小心点。。。


Invokes Thanos to remove each object with probability 1/2. It works with files, registry, environment variables, functions, variables, aliases and certificates.

For help, use Get-Help .\Invoke-Thanos.ps1. Be sure to not actually invoke it!

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