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Setup Ruby on Mac (If you have linux or Windows I hope you know how to set it up yourself)

	export PATH="/usr/local/opt/openssl/bin:$PATH"  > ~/.bash_profile
	sudo xcode-select --install
	brew install rbenv
	eval "$(rbenv init -)" --> ~/.bash_profile
	rbenv install 2.4.2
	rbenv global 2.4.2
	gem install bundler
	bundle install
  • bundle exec jekyll build

Run the website in your browser:

Now check the folder _site for the compiled files.

The Plugin to fix:


Problem 1:

Under _site/id/artikel-saya/index.html search for ReplaceMe

This is what you will find:

<article class="post h-entry article">
    <header class="post-header">
        <h1 class="post-title p-name">ReplaceMe</h1>

This is wrong. ReplaceMe should have been “ReplaceMe Indonesian”.


Under / you see:

title: ReplaceMe
title_id: ReplaceMe Indonesian

But it currently always picks title only. It doesn’t respect the languages. For example if you look at the perma links:

permalink: /my-article/
permalink_id: /artikel-saya/

You will see that the website picks the correct perma link for Indonesian. It would be ideal to have the same for title.

Problem 2:

Open _includes/head.html

Search this part:

{% if page.summary %}
<meta name="description" content="{{ page.summary | escape }}">
{% endif %}
{%if page.tags %}
<meta name="keywords" content="{{ page.tags | join: ', ' | escape }}"/>
{%endif %}

I like the same thing here:

summary: Summary in English
summary_id: Summary in Indonesian


tags: [test1,test2]
tags_id: [ind1,ind2]

Let me know if any questions.


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