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Command-line interface for Zotero
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zot is a command line interface to Zotero.

Usage: zot (command) args

    search [keywords]: return keys of all matching items
    best [keywords]: return key of best search match
    bib [keys]: view bibliography for one or more items
    cit [keys]: view citations for one or more items
    files [keys]: view all attached files for one or more items
    read [keys]: view text content of attached PDFs for one or more items
    notes [keys]: view all notes for one or more items
    path (zotero_dir): set the path to your Zotero directory

Before using, you'll need to set your Zotero path, like this:

zot path /path/to/Zotero/directory/

Searches will return a list of keys which can be piped back to zot to do things with the results. For example, to return the keys of items which are in a collection whose name contains the words "home range":

zot search --collection "home range"

...which by itself is not very useful. To display the full bibliography for each of these items:

zot search --collection "home range" | zot bib

Or, a list of all files attached to these items:

zot search --collection "home range" | zot files


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