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This list is pretty out of date at the moment. For a more complete list, trying Searching CPAN for "datetime".

The old list ...

Base Modules

  • (Dave Rolsky and others) - a base datetime object representing the Gregorian calendar. Also includes DateTime::Duration and DateTime::Infinite.
  • DateTime::Locale (Richard Evans and Dave Rolsky) - modules for handling localization. Designed to work in conjunction with
  • DateTime::TimeZone (Dave Rolsky) - modules for handling time zones. Designed to work in conjunction with
  • DateTime::Set (Flavio Glock and Dave Rolsky) - a class for representing sets of datetime objects. Also includes DateTime::Span and DateTime::SpanSet.
  • DateTime::Incomplete (Flavio Glock) - a class for representing incomplete datetime objects, where not all of the elements of the datetime are known.

Formatting and Parsing Modules

General Formatting/Parsing

Database Formatting/Parsing

  • DateTime::Format::DBI (Claus Färber) - given a DBI handle, picks the appropriate formatting module for the handle.
  • DateTime::Format::MySQL (Dave Rolsky) - parses and formats dates in the formats output by MySQL.
  • DateTime::Format::Pg (Claus Färber) - parses and formats dates, times, and intervals in the formats output by Postgres.

Compatibility Formatting/Parsing

Fun Formatting/Parsing

Formatting/Parsing Framework

Calendar Modules

Event Modules


Other Modules

  • DateTime::Functions (Autrijus Tang) - a procedural interface for DateTime constructors.
  • DateTime::HiRes (Joshua Hoblitt) - provides a single method, DateTime::HiRes->now(), that uses Time::HiRes::time() to get the current epoch value as a floating point number.
  • DateTime::LazyInit (Rich Measham) - an object with a very quick constructor that provides a small part of the API, inflating into a real object as needed .
  • DateTime::TimeZone::Alias (Joshua Hoblitt) - allows you to create and remove arbitrary aliases to time zones. This functionality may be integrated into DateTime::TimeZone in the future.
  • DateTime::TimeZone::LMT (Rick Measham) - a time zone class for local mean time offsets.
  • DateTime::TimeZone::TAI (Eugene van der Pjill) - implements support for TAI as a timezone.

Friendly Modules

Modules that are not officially part of the DateTime suite but which play nice with it in some way.

Confusing Modules

There are a few modules that start with "DateTime::" that are not trying to be part of the DateTime suite:

Astronomical Calendar Related Modules

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