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0.28 2018-02-11
- Fixed handling of the IN_MOVED_TO event for the Inotify watcher. This event
was being entirely ignored, but we should just treat it as a file creation
event. Fixed by Aaron Crane. PR #2.
0.27 2017-01-30
- Inflating File::ChangeNotify::Default::Watcher into a Moose object with
Moose 2.2000 would cause an error or warning because of a bug in how it
defined an attribute. This broke Catalyst::Restarter.
0.26 2016-05-29
- Require Moo 1.006000+.
0.25 2016-05-28
- Switched from Moose to Moo and Type::Tiny.
- Switched from Class::Load to Module::Runtime.
- Made File::ChangeNotify::Watcher a role instead of a parent class.
- Fixed a bug where the wrong watcher class could be used the second time
File::ChangeNotify->instantiate_watcher was called.
- Allow the exclude parameter to accept subroutine references. Patch by
H. Merijn Brand. RT #114492.
0.24 2013-11-28
- Removed used of deprecated Class::MOP::load_class().
0.23 2013-01-26
- The new_events() watcher method blocked when using IO::Kqueue as the watcher
backend. Reported and patched by Jun Kuriyama.
0.22 2012-04-13
- Remove unnecessary Perl 5.10 requirement.
0.21 2012-02-03
- The implementation of the exclude feature did not work properly in several
cases. First, for the Inotify and KQueue watchers, when a new directory was
created that should have been excluded, it was not. Second, it didn't work
for files at all for these watchers. Reported by Jon Swartz. RT #73089.
0.20 2011-04-19
- The KQueue watcher checks that a file has a file descriptor to avoid
watching closed files. Patch by Adreas Voegele.
0.19 2010-10-17
- The all.t test didn't run any tests at all if neither the Inotify nor KQueue
watchers could be loaded. This was treated as a failure by test
harnesses. Now we always test the Default class.
0.18 2010-10-15
- Always make a Default watcher object if we cannot load an OS-specific class.
- Add Test::Exception as a test prereq.
0.17 2010-10-04
- Loading File::ChangeNotify always loads the Default watcher class. This will
give a useful error message if this module's prereqs are not loaded.
0.16 2010-07-12
- Changes to avoid a warning about a useless coercion from future versions of
0.15 2010-07-09
- Add a missing prereq, namespace::autoclean.
0.14 2010-07-08
- Running the tests left behind a lot of temp directories that should have
been cleaned up, but weren't. Reported by Peter Edwards. RT #59125.
- License is now Artistic 2.0
0.13 2010-03-28
- Circular symlinks would cause instantiating a watcher to die with an error
from File::Find. These are now ignored. Reported by Jon Schutz. RT #55883.
- Fixed misspelling of IO::KQueue in auto features. Reported by Jens
Rehsack. RT #54905.
0.12 2010-01-28
- Added auto_features to the Build.PL, which will give hints on what modules
to install for KQueue and Inotify support.
- Require Linux::Inotify 1.2+, since 1.1 apparently doesn't work with this
module. Reported by Michael Grondin. RT #54069.
0.11 2009-12-07
- A test attempted to use Test::Without::Module but this wasn't in the prereq
list. I've made the test check for the module and skip its tests if the
module isn't present. Reported by Leon Brocard. RT #52539.
0.10 2009-12-06
- Attempting to instantiate more than one watcher failed if you were on a
system where one of the watcher subclasses could not be loaded (which is
basically every system because no system has both inotify and kqueue). Patch
by Mark Grimes. RT #52477.
0.09 2009-11-09
- This release fixes the excluded-dirs.t under Windows. There are no other
changes in this release, so there's no need to upgrade if you have 0.08
installed. Patch by Taro Nishino. RT #51161.
0.08 2009-11-05
- Added a new exclude feature that allows you to excludes files or directories
outright. Implemented by Dan Thomas. RT #51062.
- Added a KQueue-based watcher written by Dan Thomas. I have no idea if this
works, as I don't have BSD, but we'll assume he ran the tests on his system
;) RT #51062.
0.07 2009-06-29
- Fixed a typo in File::ChangeNotify::Watcher that causes a warning
with newer versions of Moose. Reported by David Raab. Fixes RT
0.06 2009-06-03
- Created a Makefile.PL from the Build.PL.
0.05 2009-05-17
- Update the Moose::Params::Validate prereq so it requires the version
we really need (0.08+).
- Removed Cwd and FindBin from our prereq list.
0.04 2009-05-14
- The Default watcher would blow up when a directory it was watching
was later removed. Reported by Tomas Doran.
- The Inotify watcher would generate two events when a directory it
was watching was removed, one delete and one unknown, rather than
just a delete event.
0.03 2009-05-11
- Removed the default value for directories in the Watcher class,
because setting this value is really an app-specific task.
0.02 2009-05-10
- Not having Linux::Inotify2 caused attempting to make a watcher blow
up, when it should just use the Default watcher. Reported by Florian
- Fixes a a bug in the Default watcher that causes it die
when trying to sleep in the wait_for_events method.
- Fixed warnings from the Default watcher in the face of symlinks that
point to nonexistent files.
0.01 2009-05-07
- First version, released on an unsuspecting world.