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Revision history for Perl extension Test::Vars
0.014 2017-04-11T23:02:41Z
- Fixed a bug where false positives were reported for some code constructs
where a variable was used on the right side of an lvalue-expression. For
sub foo {
my @foo = qw( foo bar );
my $last = $foo[-1];
return $last;
In this case the "@foo" variable would be reported as unused.
0.013 2017-03-17T01:56:45Z
- Worked around a very weird bug with B's handling of multideref aux_list
values on 5.22 and 5.24. This could cause a warning like "Use of
uninitialized value $i in array element at
/home/autarch/projects/p5-Test-Vars/lib/Test/ line ..." when
testing certain Perl constructs for unused vars. This appears to be
fixed in blead's B.
0.012 2016-12-09T23:56:28Z
- On Perl 5.22+, variables used in a substitution operator ($foo =~
s/foo/bar/) would be ignored. Reported by Greg Oschwald. (#28)
0.011 2016-10-16T19:54:15Z
- Fixed tests to pass on Windows. Patch by Michael Schwern. (#26 and #27)
0.010 2016-07-01T03:13:42Z
- Fix for pp_match in Perl 5.22+ (#23)
0.009 2016-05-21T16:41:58Z
- On recent Perls (5.22 and 5.24, maybe more) this module could detect an
unused variable named "$". This was a bogus false positive, as opposed
to just a missing variable name in the output. Reported by Alexander
Hartmaier. GitHub #22.
- Fixed tests to use File::Spec->catfile to generate paths so that tests
pass on Windows. Reported by Paul Durden. Based on GitHub PR #20.
0.008 2015-08-19T21:08:28Z
- In some corner cases, Test::Vars would try to look inside the body of a
stub sub ("sub foo;") and then blow up. This could be triggered by
declaring a stub sub and then an attribute with a reader of the same
name in a Moose::Role, for example. Reported by Andy Jack.
0.007 2015-08-19T15:54:27Z
- Fix tests with threaded Perl 5.22+. Reported by Paul Howarth.
0.006 2015-08-19T02:23:16Z
- This module now calls Test::Builder->diag and ->note _after_ calling
->ok. This is more in line with how most test modules work. Patch by Ran
- Added a new exported sub, test_vars(), which does not output TAP. This
is useful for integrating this module with things like
Code::TidyAll. Patch by Dave Rolsky.
0.005 2013-05-31T02:04:42Z
- Use skip_all instead of planning 0 tests (#4)
0.004 2013-05-05T13:48:11Z
- Remove an unnecessary use of smart match operator
0.003 2013-05-05T12:57:49Z
- re-package with Module::Build
0.002 2012-10-09 08:50:46
- fix for perl 5.16+ by Nicholas Clark, committed by Olivier Mengué
0.001 Wed Mar 10 12:32:56 2010
- original version; created by Module::Setup