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About ckman

This is a tool which used to manage and monitor ClickHouse database. It visits the cluster's related information through the front-end interface, which can be easily deployed, upgraded, and the node increases to the cluster. For more information, please read document.

Quik Start

quickly deploy and start using CKMAN, please click the deploy document.

Video Tutorial

What can ckman do?

  • Manage multiple ClickHouse cluster on WebPage, Replacing the cumbersome step configuration
  • Deploy、upgrade、and destory cluster
  • Start and stop cluster
  • Add or delete node on ClickHouse cluster
  • Rebalance data
  • Archive and purge data
  • Monitoring table status and ZooKeeper State
  • Show more mertics with prometheus

How to upgrade

You can upgrade ckman with upgrade document.


Please read roadmap.

About us

EOI Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic intelligent operation and maintenance and maintenance and land supply provider. This product is dominated by the engineering database R & D team and open source contribution to the community.
Everyone can consult the developer Yu Zhichang ( WeChat ID: wxid_ufym9ehuag3l21) and YenchangChan ( WeChat ID: yudinghou) during the process of use, and I hope everyone will be willing to Issue, contribute code, jointly maintained the ckman, make the ecology of the Clickhouse, is getting better and better.

From time to time, we will share information on our public website about ckman and clickhouse, you can follow the following QR code to get in touch with us. ClickHome