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To setup development environment:
	- setup virtualenv
	- pip install -r requirements.txt
To run:
	- ./
To use:
	- Try to book a flight. Sometimes the flight randomly fills up. If you are lucky enough to get a ticket, you will recieve a confirmation code. 

Design decisions:
	- Backbone with Marionette:
		- JST templates are in static/templates
		- Application.js contains all Backbone objects
		- I did not namespace the Backbone objects. It is a small enough application that I am not currently concerned with naming collisions, but it is a quick and easy change to add namespacing.
	- Routing
		- Users can go "back" to flights menu after going to the form, in case they want to purchase a different flight.
		- Going "back" after a confirmation code returns to the menu, not the form. This would prevent duplicate transactions
	- Form validations and serialization
		- Parsley validates before save
		- Backbone Syphon serializes form inputs as json
	- Time and date formatting with Moment.js
	- Foundation 5 does not support IE8 or earlier
	- FlightService class in controller can be extended to read external APIs

	- Add a database
	- Remove full flights from flight menu
	- Access real flight data from third-party APIs