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Title : Madoko Heading Base: 2

Madoko -- a Fast Scholarly Markdown Processor

Madoko is a fast javascript Markdown processor written in Koka It started out as a demo program for the new Koka language and the name comes from "Ma/rk/do/wn in Ko/ka".

Madoko is a javascript program that runs on Node.js. It is about 30% faster then Marked (one of the fastest Javascript markdown implementations), and about 8 times faster than Showdown and Markdown.js. Madoko is also available as a .NET executable on windows.

Even though Madoko is fast, the main design goal is not efficiency: I wanted to extend Markdown to make it suitable to create high-quality scholarly and industrial documents for the web and print, while maintaining John Gruber's Markdown philosophy of simplicity and focus on plain text readability.

Besides HTML output, also generates high-quality PDF files through LaTeX. Even though more Markdown implementations support this, there has been a lot of effort in Madoko to make the LaTeX generation robust and customizable. This makes it possible to write high-quality articles using just Madoko and get both a high-quality print format (PDF) and a good looking HTML page.

For more information look at the Madoko documentation in the doc directory.

Have fun, -- Daan


Aug 5th, 2013 (on an ASUS zenbook with an i5):

>jake bench
> node test --bench --gfm
benchmarking (best of 10 times 50 repetitions on 57 files)
 madoko (bench, gfm)        : completed in 766ms.
 marked (bench, gfm)        : completed in 1157ms.
Could not bench robotskirt.
 showdown (reuse converter) : completed in 6469ms.
 showdown (new converter)   : completed in 7110ms.
 markdown.js                : completed in 6859ms.

relative to madoko:
 madoko (bench, gfm)        : 1
 marked (bench, gfm)        : 1.51x slower
 showdown (reuse converter) : 8.45x slower
 showdown (new converter)   : 9.28x slower
 markdown.js                : 8.95x slower